Vegan Life: The Dark And Bright Sides

Veganism is a really cool and fascinating journey but nevertheless has dark sides too. Let’s get familiar with both of the sides of being vegan and see how it actually feels to live a vegan life!

Dark Sides

1. It’s hard to put up with what’s going on with the world

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Once you become vegan you can’t close your eyes to what’s going on with the planet and humanity! You become aware of the way millions of sentient animals are mistreated, you know about overconsumption, air and water pollution and so much more that destroys our planet. You want to help every animal in the world yet you feel so powerless seeing them in pain.

2. Non-vegans are almost everywhere you go

Non-vegans are almost everywhere you go, you may feel yourself very lonely in this meat-eating world, and it’s hard sometimes to endure this STILL non-vegan world. What’s important in this sad situation is to keep calm and believe that one day all the people will be vegan and the suffering of the animals will end, there will be no hungry people anymore, the air will be very fresh and it’ll be a pleasure to live here on Earth.

3. You have to wake up at 5 am to milk the almonds

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As you don’t drink cow’s milk the hardest part of being vegan is the need to wake up very early to milk the ALMONDS!! Ok, I’m just kidding.

4. Lack of vegan friends

Most vegans don’t have vegan friends or any friends actually because most of the time they lose them becoming vegan. And it’s also hard to find a vegan partner. It’s hard but it’s POSSIBLE! Try to join vegan groups on social media, seek out vegan and animal rights meetup near you, also you can find them on vegan/vegetarian restaurants or cafes and visiting a farmed animal sanctuary, etc.

5. Dumb questions

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Each event’s hottest topic is always veganism and so you receive dumb questions about it from non-vegans. Of course, it’s interesting to have a conversation about veganism with open-minded non-vegans but not with those “but bacon/plants feel pain” ones. All you can do is simply suggest them watching some documentaries that inspired you to go vegan and change your outlook.

6. The “Vegan” label means a higher price

If you ever purchased products with “Vegan” label on, you probably know that they’re much more expensive than the regular non-vegan ones even when the ingredients are cheaper. A little tip for you if you don’t want to spend your extra money on a plant-based diet: buy from local stores, shop seasonally, choose mostly whole plant foods, try buying your grains, nuts, legumes in bulk cause it’ll be much cheaper.

7. Misunderstanding

As our society is not ready for the compassionate vegan world yet, most of the time vegans receive negativity and even hate from people around them. Things get even worse when you don’t have any vegan friend, you feel isolated, lonely and it hurts so bad. You feel like you’re hated for being kind to animals and trying to make the world a better place to live in for all species including humans.

8. Avocados

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You can’t always determine the exact ripe avocado, seriously it’s really hard! You must be a vegan pro to be able to choose the right avocado. Also, it takes a few minutes when it’s ripe so you have to be very attentive to this process, sometimes you have to cancel all your plans to enjoy your perfectly ripe avocado.

9. Lack of vegan restaurants

The biggest problem for most vegans is the lack of vegan restaurants or cafes near or lack of vegan options at non-vegan places. When you finally find a restaurant that also serves vegan food at first you’re the happiest person but after a while, you get annoyed by the same dishes every time you order. But you know what? Don’t worry about it too much because compared to several years ago times it has got easier to eat vegan so it’ll get much better as time goes by.

Bright Sides

1. You’ll pass by severe diseases

You will probably not gonna die of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes because a British study showed that veganism reduces the risk for them. You’ll prevent high blood pressure, anemia, all dietary cholesterol, many types of cancer, osteoporosis and so much more (in spite of being TOO much junk food vegan). All you have to do is cut all animal products from your diet but instead of it you should eat mostly whole foods preferably grown organically.

2. You get MUCH healthier

If you choose to follow a balanced plant-based diet you will surely be healthier than you were before. As researchers found that veganism lowers the risk of heart disease and cancer, also reduces the amount of cholesterol in your blood, it shows that the health of vegans improve as they change their diet. So why not to choose to be vegan if you get better health?

3. Your immune system gets stronger

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Plant-based diet can improve your immune system so you’ll get sick very rarely. Many fruits and veggies contain Vitamin C which boosts your immune system and helps keep your gums healthy also your bruises heal faster. The most important part of being vegan is to make sure that your diet is balanced and you get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. You should be attentive to your body to be healthy and happy in this incredible vegan journey.

4. Your patience will raise throughout this journey

Receiving 1 billion dumb questions and advice from non-vegans every day about veganism, the pressure from family members and society, environmental problems and people who don’t want to do ANYTHING to change the horrible situation that’s happening right now on Earth increase vegans patience to 80 lvl.

5. Super clear skin

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You most likely know the phrase “You are what you eat”. If you eat healthy, fresh, live food you will get shiny, glowing and healthy skin! Vitamins A and E from vegetables, also nuts play a huge role in healthy skin, so vegans usually have glowing and smooth skin. Many people who switch to a vegan diet notice a remarkable reduction in blemishes as well.

6. Vegans are doing great things for our planet

Just 1 day of being vegan saves 1 animal’s life, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forest and 1100 gallons of water! Isn’t it amazing?! It means that veganism help so many people who don’t have access to clean water, veganism says NO to world hunger by nourishing the soil and leading it to long-term resilience, veganism saves energy as a plant-based food requires up to 8 times less energy, moreover, plants clean the air we breathe!

7. Vegans look younger

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A plant-based diet provides not only clear but also YOUNG skin. There are many factors that lead to younger look: fueling your body with lots of vitamins, cutting meat from a diet which is full of endotoxins present in the bacterial cell causing many diseases which you can see on the skin. Meat is packed with stress, pain, and adrenaline that’s released when the animals are killed. This adrenaline causes cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and stress which makes you look older.

8. You learn many things about different spheres

You get higher education of what you put in your mouth, how much and when you should eat. You learn about human impact on climate change, environment, culture, and so much more! It’s a very interesting journey as you start caring about yourself and everyone around you including people, animals, and our natural habitat. This all allows you to act consciously and do steps for a better future.

9. Most people lose their extra weight!

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Join any vegan group on social media and you’ll see SOOO many people with pictures before and after of their incredible body transformations! Of course, there are vegans who also gain weight but they definitely eat unhealthy food on their plant-based diet because eating whole-food plant-based will never be a cause of gaining weight! Instead, you’ll lose your extra weight, you’ll look younger, better and healthier!

10. More energy

If you ever had a chance to talk to a vegan and ask him/her about energy levels when switching to veganism they probably claimed that on a plant-based diet they had more energy! You’re truly full of energy throughout the day which is awesome. It’s because animal food needs more energy to be digested than plant-based food. You just have to figure out what vegan food works best for you to boost your energy.

11. You have no part in animal cruelty anymore

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Ohhh do you know that satisfying feeling when you lay on the bed every night, close your eyes and start thinking about an animal you saved today just choosing to be vegan!? Isn’t it the BEST thing of being vegan? Knowing that you don’t take part in animal cruelty anymore that happening throughout the world is amazing!

12. A vegan man is a man of the Future

The future is vegan so if you’re vegan now you’re a man of the future, congratulations! Always be proud of who you are because you choose to be different, you choose to try a new lifestyle which is still incomprehensible for most people, you choose to help suffering innocent animals, hungry and thirsty people, and yourself through many difficulties. That’s awesome.

I’m sure there are many points, especially bright ones that I didn’t mention about your vegan life. It’s such a blessing to have a vegan life, isn’t it? Comment down below your pros and cons of this incredible journey called “veganism”. Does it have more bright or dark sides for you?)

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Good blog. But would be better if sources of information were cited.


Thanks for your idea Rob, next time we will take it into consideration.

Norbert Micallef
Norbert Micallef

Have been strict vegan for 3 years. Another downside is that one must take supplements (not only B12) especially for active lifestyles.
Though I still recommend vegamisim, one must be informed (also by reading reviews) in order to be prepared if any changes occur physically.
Absorption is also critical (of course not influenced by being vegan). But its useless to supply premium fuel to a malfunctioning engine.
Thank you for posting the blog (and your support).
Keep it up


I have been vegan for 2 years after being vegetarian for over 30.
I honestly haven’t been to the doctor’s in 2 years, I eat very healthily and practice yoga 5 times a week.
My hubby, daughter and sister are also vegan!

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