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I don’t need anyone else when all my friends are here! I’m vegan and I love all the animals cause they’re my friends. Buy this cruelty-free throw blanket and spend your weekends wrapped up in it with your furry friends!

$89.90 $44.95

This super soft and warm vegan throw blanket is perfect for you and your pets to snuggle with while watching TV on the couch, or relaxing on a sofa and bed. Perfect for indoor use but also great for outdoor use.


Such a gorgeous vegan looks at this beautiful throw blanket right now! Get this cute blanket to always remind yourself how awesome you are because of numerous reasons! One of them is your love for all living beings and your choice to be vegan.


Being a hero for the animals equals to being vegan as they’re the only people who truly care about them. Animals are so thankful for it as the most precious thing they have is their life. And this blanket is just a little reminder of your awesome decision!


It’s AWESOME how kind vegans are! Cruelty-free people who are compassionately about all living beings and who believe in the vegan future. It’s a true blessing to be able to sleep in a peaceful mind knowing that no one suffered because of you. That’s why you need this cool blanket as a reminder of your pure kindness.


When life gives you lemons sell them and buy YUMMY vegan vanilla ice-cream!! Okay, just kidding. When life gives you lemons make lemon juice and sprinkle it on your cut avo or guac so that it’ll remain fresh longer!) Add it to your salad dressing and enjoy your awesome vegan life with this cool lemon throw blanket!!

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