Only 11% Of All Vegans Are Doing These 5 Things! Are You From That 11%?

Let’s save the planet from dying by making these 5 simple changes in our daily routine! It’s easy to protect the Earth from being destroyed when you know the cause and how to actually prevent it. So let’s start!

1. Use Less Plastic

The average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years. Some bottles need around 1000 years to biodegrade!

It’s easy to use less plastic yet it’s too crucial for the planet! First I offer you to reuse plastic bags or simply have reusable bags which are great for the environment!

Honestly, you can replace any kind of plastic with eco-friendly materials. Need a straw? Replace it with reusable stainless steel straw or glass straw. Need to drink some water? Use a reusable bottle!

2. Be Sure You’ll Use All Products You Buy BEFORE Buying Them

The Earth is your home and not just an endless resource!

More than 9.1 million people die of hunger every year while around 2.2 billion people are overweight or obese all over the world.

Generally, we throw out nearly 1.3 billion tons of food a year, or a THIRD of all the food that we grow. It just gets lost or wasted.

Americans spend $1.2 trillion each year on unnecessary goods – in other words, items they don’t actually need. Moreover, an average American family throws away up to $2,200 worth of food every year because of buying + serving too much and not storing food properly.

I am really impressed. People think buying more and more stuff is great meanwhile we need to stop this needless and harmful overconsumption.

3. Change Your Lifestyle

Start with small changes in your lifestyle!

Drink more water, be physically active, eat more fruits and veggies, read more books and just be the best version of yourself!

This all will make you a happy and healthy person who can reach all goals in life!

4. Leave Animals Off Your Plate

Why people eat animal products if there’s NO NEED of doing this?!

YES, the human being doesn’t need to consume any kind of animal products to live a healthy life!

Animals are not products, they’re not here for us, they’re not slaves, they ALL feel pain and they ALL want to live a joyful life as humans do.

Besides, animals are very spiritual and sensitive creatures and can easily become best friends for people! Those who have pet know what I’m writing about.

5. Go Green

A life full of love toward all beings in not only a dream or an imagination because this is exactly what our company is working on every single day!

“Go Green” movement has the purpose to make the life of each living being happier, healthier and just better cause “Go Green” means care about our planet and our health, be filled with compassion for all living beings, be at peace with animals, the world, yourself and each other.

In this way, we’ll be able to convey a healthy planet to next generations giving them a new lifestyle and consciousness for the best future.
Join us to make the world greener!

Start filling your life with small changes and you’ll see huge differences all around you!

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