Best 11 Gift Ideas for Vegans and Vegetarians [Updated]

Hey, if you’re here probably you have to make a gift to a vegan person. Or if you’re a vegan one and want to give your family and friends a cue immediately copy this post link and share it with them!!!! They must know your desires to make you happy)
Sometimes it’s hard to choose what to give to your vegan friend (except it is a cow). But to hit the right nail on the head here are 10 BEST gifts every vegan would dream about, I swear! (p.s. I’m vegan for 3 years)

11. Vegan Essentials For Kitchen

Vegan essentials for kitchen�

Begin with small products like Reusable Straws, Natural (wooden) and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Utensils, mason jars, smoothie or reusable 24 hours water cold keeping Bottles, a cool Seed Sprouter for a healthy one, a good quality Non stick frying pan, juice presser for oranges, lemons etc.. And if you want a bigger gift the great examples are a good blender like Vitamix, a high-quality Juicer, a cool BPA free Food Steamer, an epic Dehydrator and how could I not mention Food Processor talking about best gifts for Vegans?

10. Try Vegan Junk Food Together

Veggie burger

Currently there are TONS of regular non vegan products converted to actually vegan! So I will give you a funny challenge idea to spend your weekend or just an awesome evening with your vegan friends. Go to a grocery store (better go to comparatively bigger one). Find vegan versions of non vegan regular food like hot dog, veggie burger, pizza, cheese, eggs etc. and bring for your friend to try them all, but don’t say what you pick to him/her. I bet it will be a too awkward moment when he try them)) Comment below the reaction trying vegan version of non vegan stuff. Btw here are the best vegan food brands’ names for your little trick: Beyond Meat (look for in the meat section of Whole Foods, Kroger, Ralphs, Fred Meyer), Gardein (fishless fish), Tofurky, Field Roast, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Trader Joe’s, Lightlife, Boca Burger and so so on!

9. Cook Smth Vegan

Cook smth vegan by yourself no matter what it is. It doesn’t have to be anything hard do make, we just appreciate the fact that someone wants to make us happy! It is very valuable for vegans. There are some easy vegan and/or vegetarian yummy recipes right here that everyone can make!

8. Vegan Cosmetics

If it is a gift to girl/woman I definitely have to mention Vegan cosmetics which has to be ethically made, organic and just VEGAN. Brushes, Foundations, Creams, Lipsticks, Shampoos, Nail Polishes and just everything that blew your mind has to be cruelty free and just natural for your vegan babe!

7. Funny Vegan Sweatshirt or Hoodie

It’s important what you’re wearing no matter if you’re vegan or not. It means ethically made, leather/fur free, 100% organic cotton or linen clothes in which your body cells will breathe. But for Vegans it’s too important not only for their breathing body but also for the planet. So there are tons of awesome and funny Sweatshirt with vegan sayings which will help spread the vegan message from the owner of the cute vegan tee to the people around the world! Cool and easy way to spread veganism.

6. Cool Vegan Socks & Gloves

I personally don’t know a human who doesn’t like cozy, warm and cute socks or gloves! And it gets even better when you choose to buy vegan ones! Both for Christmas and for other occasions in cold weather this gift will make your family or friends just melt and be thankful to you. Our team members found a vegan brand which has a line of cool, cozy and comfy winter accessories. With interesting designs for both adults and kids and animal-friendly, faux-fur lining, Pudus makes a great vegan gift for your entire family.

5. Vegan Phone Case

vegan phone case

Not only clothes but also accessories can be ethically made. All phone cases, jewelry, wallets that contain leather, pearls, feathers or any kind of animal products will not work for vegans! Fortunately, there are TONS of vegan versions of them like these cute phone cases made just for an awesome vegan one!

4. Organic Herbs

Organic herbs collection from Simply Organic which you can find on iHerb too. Also indoor herb garden for fresh herbs on hand will be a great gift!

3. Vegan Cook Books

Books! For those vegans who love cooking one of the best gifts will be vegan cookbooks or awesome eBooks from an amazing Vegan mama of 3! But this is not the end, there are tons of books about veganism, vegan lifestyle and more to give to your vegan friend like How not to die by Dr. Greger, The China Study, The 80/10/10 Diet etc.

2. Simply Nooch

This is gonna be written on a separate paragraph: Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to the most essential vegan product, each vegan’s must have …
Nutritional Yeast or how vegans call – Nooch.

1. B12

Nothing more. Just B12.


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