53 Reasons To Go Vegan | Why Do People Go Vegan?!

Today we have so many people that go vegan. But have you ever wondered why? Is it healthier to be vegan or is it better for the planet? That’s why I got curious about this topic and decided to ask 53 true vegans about their own reasons to go vegan. Let me show you their amazing answers in this video and describe them in this post!

Let’s discover all these inspiring reasons one by one!

1. Animals – For most people, this reason is either the main or even the only one to go vegan. The huge love towards each living being and the wish to save animals from torture in slaughterhouses, circuses, zoos, laboratories can be the key inducement for veganism.

2. Freedom

3. Equal Rights

4. A Better World – Veganism solves many global problems that concern us all including climate change, health issues, access to clean water, world hunger, global warming, millions of animals that suffer in slaughterhouses. Therefore the world would become much better if we all go vegan. And the animals also will be okay if all of us decide to be vegan!

5. Peace

6. Positivity

7. Equality – No matter the size of a living being – each life matters and each life deserves to live. Everything and everyone on this planet is connected to each other, yet we still have to struggle for the rights of the voiceless creatures. Actually, veganism is about the equality and liberation of the animals. In other words, we want to achieve the kind and compassionate treatment towards all animals.

Small Animal Planet

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8. Being Useful

9. World Hunger

10. Love – We decide to change our lifestyle mostly because of unconditional love towards animals! Also, we make this decision owing to the love towards our family and friends, towards all human beings, kids that will live on THIS planet. We love them all and that’s why we want them to live a healthy life on a beautiful, green planet with lots of free animals.

11. Compassion

12. Ethical Consistency

13. Earth – Climate change, world hunger, lack of clean water, polluted air are all today’s severe problems.

By going vegan you help to solve them all! July 2019 was the hottest month EVER on Earth.

Massive Siberia and Amazon rainforest wildfires showed us that we’re in danger. The Planet is on fire and the only rescuers are each of us! 

14. The Environment

15. The Trees

16. Kindness – It’s so kind to be vegan actually! Choosing this lifestyle we’re not contributing to animal abuse anymore, and it automatically makes us a kind person! Moreover, you help to stop climate change, end world hunger, make this world greener and better place to live in!


17. Non-Violence

18. Increased Energy

19. Clean Water – Did you know that it takes up to 200 times more water to raise a pound of beef than it does to raise a pound of plant foods? Today there’re hundreds of millions of people around the globe who don’t have access to clean water. Going vegan is probably the best way to save water supply for those who need it most.

20. People

21. Future Generations

22. More Energy – Did you know that there are many vegan athletes in the world today? Look at these beautiful, powerful, motivational vegan athletes!! For instance, one of the latest victories got Andreas Vojta, an Austrian vegan runner who took first place in the 5,000m race at the recent European Championships. Hence, they prove that vegans can be strong, and have lots of energy! It’s obvious because the human body has to work harder and use more calories to process animal products than it does to process plants, so that alone could help you have increased energy.

23. Immune System

24. Willpower

25. A Better Future This is not only about your better future but it’s about all the animals, humanity and the Earth. The future is vegan. Look at the rising amount of people around the world who change their lifestyle choosing to eat plant-based meals, use eco-friendly materials, be active and healthy. And this is all for a better tomorrow.

26. Success

27. The Future of Today’s Children

28. Conscious –We want to be awake. We don’t like to be cheated by those who make money from their cruel businesses veiling the truth. It’s time to wake up, be aware of your choices and finally make a conscious decision! Never underestimate yourself because one person MAKES a huge difference.

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29. The Planet

30. To Stop The Global Warming

31. The Voiceless – We’re standing for all the voiceless creatures that deserve better treatment and a better life! We want to free the animals that live in cages, that never see the light of the sun, and end up being killed. We want them to live their best life, to be free and to live in their natural habitat. As the animals can’t speak and stand for themselves vegans do it instead of them!

32. Justice

33. Shut Down the Slaughterhouses

34. Losing Weight – Many people switching to veganism lose their extra weight thanks to multiple reasons. It is because plant-based foods are typically lower in calories. Also, this diet is high in fiber which is the key to losing weight. Additionally, it is usually lower in saturated fat and higher in healthy fats.

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35. Delicious Food

36. Clean Organism

37. Harmony – People use to seek harmony in their lives as it’s necessary for happiness and a healthy mind. In order to achieve balance in your mental and physical health, you should be honest with the people around you and yourself first. If a person truly loves animals, it’s almost impossible to eat them as soon as he or she knows the truth about the meat and dairy industries. So most people go vegan to achieve harmony in their lives!

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38. Happiness

39. Self Improvement

40. Nature – The meat industry requires a lot of space to organize its business. It is estimated that around 30% of the earth’s land surface is currently used for livestock farming! Therefore, large scale factory farming is a destructive industry and a meat dense diet is ecologically unsustainable while a plant-based diet is sustainable. Did you know that every minute livestock accounts for at least 61.000 tons of carbon dioxide?

41. Fresh Air

42. The Ocean

43. Spirituality – It is all about seeking a meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself and can result in positive emotions, such as peace, gratitude, awe, contentment, appreciation, and acceptance. Actually, we all want to be a spiritual person that’s why we don’t want to be a part of cruelty, murder, inequality, and abuse. Your life actually is not about you. It is about each living being whose life you touch!

44. Life

45. To Be Happier

46. Health – You can drastically improve your overall health by cutting dairy and meat products from your diet and choosing to eat plant-based food. YES, veganism is not equal to health because of vegan junk and processed foods. Nevertheless, when you choose the whole food plant-based diet you lower the risk of cancer and heart disease, also reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood.

Take these vegan food life hacks to make your vegan life easier! 9 Mind-Blowing Food Life Hacks For Vegans

47. Staying Young

48. Healthy Meals

49. Less Violence – You’re no longer supporting violence towards animals as you start buying certified vegan products that are not tested on animals. Moreover, you choose not to visit circuses (with animals) and SeaWorld (click here for their kind alternatives). You don’t buy clothing and accessories with leather, feathers, pearls, and fur as you want this world to be less cruel. Instead, you choose their best vegan alternatives!

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50. Humanity

51. Longer Life

52. Consciousness – We’re all consumers but do we all consume consciously? So many people choose a plant-based diet knowing how meat and dairy are made. If you were born in a meat-eaters family you didn’t truly choose to eat meat. In fact, you make a choice only when you already know all the truth about the meat and dairy industry. And it works in all spheres whether it’s the food or any other industry.


Soooo many inspiring and crucial reasons to go vegan! One person CAN make a difference as every big change starts with just one person. Let’s inspire people around you to go vegan by sharing this article and the cool video made from 54 motivational real vegans! Here’s the tee that will prove you’re a true vegan


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