14 Vegan Influencers Share Their Best Vegan Quotes

We decided to connect with your beloved vegan influencers and ask 1 question:

What is your BEST vegan quote that you would like to share with your audience?

The quotes they wrote are AMAZING so we want to share with you all of them!

14 Vegan Influencers Share Their Best Vegan Quote

‍‍David Robinson Simon is a US lawyer and advocate for sustainable consumption. He works as general counsel for a healthcare company and serves on the board of the APRL Fund. He is also the author of Meatonomics which is about the unseen economic drivers of the meat industry.

“Once I became aware of the ethical issues, the only path possible was to choose to behave in a way that does not harm others.”

– David Simon

‍‍Matt Ruscigno – Co founder of Nutrinic, Planning Board at Plant-based Prevention Of Disease National Conference. Matt is bringing an effective new therapy to the fight against chronic disease. He believes that solving this problem requires addressing its root causes.

“Veganism is a social justice issues that says animals are individuals with the ability to feel pain and emotions therefore deserve to live free of exploitation.”

– Matt Ruscigno

Matt Ball, Co-Founder and President at One Step. For over two decades, Matt has been a globally-recognized authority on animal advocacy, factory farming, vegetarian diets, and applied ethics.

“To me, being vegan is about more than what you put in your mouth. It is about the impact we have on the broader world. Our example and advocacy can be much more powerful than our personal purchases. But to have a real impact, we need to be practical and thoughtful.”

– Matt Ball

Philip Wollen – philanthropic humanitarian, founder of Winsome Constance Kindness. Through his kindness and generosity, Philip Wollen brings crucial help to many charitable causes and inspires others to share his humanitarian values and ideals.

“Veganism is the Swiss Army Knife of the future. A profoundly useful instrument to help solve our ethical, economic, environmental, water, health problems – and end animal cruelty forever.”

– Philip Wollen

‍‍Adriano Mannino is a philosopher, writer and co-founder and former president of Sentience Politics, an organization that develops political strategies that promise to reduce the suffering of sentient beings in highly effective ways.

“The world population that matters isn’t just eight billion humans, it’s also hundreds of billions of non-human animals and a vast number of future generations. They may all suffer if we don’t act today.”

– Adriano Mannino

‍‍Nafsika Antypas is the Host and creator of the world’s first vegan lifestyle series on mainstream television (A&E Network), Plant-Based By Nafsika, that focuses on a plant-based diet and vegan living. Also, she founded her own vegan cheese line Nafsika’s Garden, which is completely allergen-free and gluten-free.

“My milk is for my babies; why would I steal another baby’s milk?”

– Nafsika Antypas

‍‍Paul Shapiro is the CEO of Better Meat Co. and the author of Clean Meat. He is also TEDx speaker and the co-host of the Business for Good Podcast which features companies and investors with a social mission to help solve problems such as pollution, unhealthy eating, animal abuse etc.

“None of us are perfect, but we can each strive to do better in our lives, and being vegan has been one way for me to do that.”

– Paul Shapiro

‍Geoffrey Palmer is the CEO and Founder of Haute Science Inc, dba Clean Machine an all natural sports nutrition company. He has almost 30 years of experience in the natural foods and supplements industry.

“Life is so rewarding when your efforts improve the health and happiness of humans, our environment and all the wonderful life that we share the planet with.”

– Geoff Palmer

‍Andrew Taylor – writer, Founder of Spudfit! Andrew spends his time coaching others to get rid of food addiction through ‘The Spud Fit Academy’ community, speaking, making Youtube videos and interviewing groundbreakers.

“Real men don’t eat meat. Real men stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.”

– Andrew Taylor

‍Thomas Majchrzak is the founder of Autogefuhl, which is a popular youtube channel famous for in depth car reviews. As a passionate vegan, Thomas provides profound insight into issues surrounding the use of animal skin on car seats.

“We were all born with a natural sense of ethics and empathy. We all know and acknowledge that cats, dogs, and dolphins have a personality, it’s time to remember that all other animals are also our friends, and not things and numbers.”

– Thomas Majchrzak

‍Michael Dearborn is the vegan activist, science writer, owner famous youtube channel Mic the vegan. With the positivity and humor, Michael covers various topics such as the health effects of a vegan diet and the environmental impact of eating animal products.

“Vegans are the few who look at the their diet and take accountability for the effects it has on other living beings. They have the vulnerability to know they messed up and unlike most they change.”

– Michael Dearborn

‍Tobias Leenaert is a longtime speaker, trainer, and strategist based in Ghent, Belgium. He is the Co-founder of Proveg, founder of EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative) and The Vegan Strategist. He does not consume any kind of animal products but he trying not to be dogmatic on the issue.

“The most important skill for any activist may be the ability to walk in other people’s shoes and try to feel how they see us and our message.”

– Tobias Leenaert

Paul Bashir Co-founder of Anonymous for the Voiceless established April 2016. Self-proclaimed “animal rights activist”. He was searching for a way to use his passions about animal rights outreach as a modem for widespread change.

“Being vegan means reversing the psychosis; you don’t deserve a pat on the back, it doesn’t make you a kind, compassionate or loving person necessarily – it merely makes you sane and just.”

– Paul Bashir

‍Fiona Oakes is a British runner, who holds four world records for marathon running. She runs Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, is an ambassador for The Vegan Society, and is a patron of the Captive Animals Protection Society.

“I ask for a vegan world, one filled with peace, love, respect, fairness and equality for all.”

– Fiona Oakes


Wow, what an amazing collection of useful vegan quotes!

These amazing people found time to share their best quotes with you so feel free to share YOUR beloved vegan quote with us in the comments below ♥

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14 quotes yet you only shared two from women. I’m betting you could find at least 10 more quotable vegan women.


Paul Bashir is totally not inspiring. No surprise here.

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